Discover what our team has to say about their experiences working at B-hive Property Solutions! Our dedicated staff members share their first-hand testimonials, offering insights into our company culture, values, and the rewarding opportunities we provide. From career growth to teamwork, hear directly from those who make our company thrive. Read on to see why our team is proud to be a part of our B-hive Property Solutions.

Having returned to the business 6 years ago, B-hive Property Solutions has become family where the entire team, regardless of position in hierarchy, are ready to offer a helping hand whenever needed. What I appreciate the most is that the team is supportive where individual development is promoted, and core values are always lived up to. I have had countless opportunities to develop within both my department and the business and I am still receiving those opportunities. The tailored development plan has allowed me to grow individually but aligned with the company.

One thing I love the most is that it feels as though there is no ceiling to how far I can go whilst working here. Our core values such as respect, professionalism, innovation, and recognition stem from the top of the organisation and filter through the company, which encourages us to work as a collective unit.


Having joined the company in 2020. It has been very satisfying to see the company grow with our new systems and new partners. This has resulted in me adapting and learning within the company in a way I never expected to when I first joined. For example, in the past I have collaborated with other teams in B-hive Property Solutions which has led to an improved work experience, not just for us but for many others too. To simply say, innovation is encouraged, allowing room for creative problem-solving and continuous improvement between teams.

A good example of this is my personal work with a case that was handed to a senior member of Portfolio Accounting, which required additional documentation and emails to help finalise the outcome. There were of course, a few items that were saved in locations not everyone could access but with the help of multiple Credit Control and Accounts Receivable team members we collated countless emails and documents outlining all communications, from the first point of contact to the final time frame.

This type of teamwork is always encouraged and seen amongst every employee in B-hive Property Solutions and it makes me proud to be a part of it. The management also routinely show support, which inspires us to keep doing our best. In essence, my journey here has not only been about managing accounts efficiently but also about being part of a company that cares about its people and upholds values that make every working day meaningful and rewarding.


I enjoy working with people, so when my work is beneficial to any of the parties I deal with, it is the biggest reward. I love having opportunities to help people and I aim to make myself available as much as I can to be there for the team, property managers, clients etc. I like that I don’t have to sit behind a desk and just do some calculations but that there is also the property management aspect and the legal side to be considered which I have always found interesting.

I started working at the company in an entry level role while I was pursuing my accountancy qualifications with the support of B-hive Property Solutions. At the same time management validated my contribution to the team and the business which motivated me to want to progress within the company. I have had support to pursue additional qualifications which I am very grateful for as the knowledge allows me to be a better support to the property management team and provide a more efficient service to the clients/leaseholders.

In my opinion the biggest support you can give to an employee is the one that motivates you to do your best, aim to improve and encourages you to take on new challenges. I take pride in being part of a company which is continuously evolving, promoting its employees from within and creating great career opportunities. I would describe B-hive Property Solutions as a company which supports employee well-being and promotes a healthy work-life balance. I have been a witness of that in my time here as the management team treats the employees in a fair way by being considerate to individual support needed, encouraging learning and recognising achievements.


I’ve had a great experience at B-hive Property Solutions, expanding my knowledge in property management. The support for my qualifications and my fantastic colleagues have made my time here truly rewarding. My personal journey has highlighted the value placed on employees, and the company fosters stronger collaboration among departments. Overall, it’s been a positive journey of professional growth and friendships.


Working at B-hive Property Solutions has been particularly rewarding due to the dynamic team I now lead. Transitioning from a team member to a manager has been a fulfilling journey.

B-hive Property Solutions has significantly contributed towards my professional growth in which I’ve learnt extensively from my peers and have been supported in my qualifications journey.

The company’s culture and values resonate with me, emphasising not only verbal commitment but tangible actions. Prioritising outstanding customer service, involving clients in project progress, and maintaining a tone of integrity and professionalism are central to our approach.


What I have enjoyed most about working at B-hive Property Solutions are the people and culture. Everyone I have come across has been nothing but professional and friendly.

It is really rewarding that hard work does not go unrecognised here and I appreciate the support offered towards my professional development.

The integrity and professionalism of those I have come across in this company makes this a unique and enjoyable workplace for me. Everyone has respect for each other and a mutual goal to provide outstanding customer service. B-hive Property Solutions are also a huge advocate for collaboration and teamwork. Charity fundraisers are commonly organised by colleagues, which always brings people together.


I have worked within the company for the past 16 years. The company is always evolving, developing and striving to be the best they can possibly be, which has kept me at B-hive Property Solutions for so long. While I have had time away on two occasions to raise a family, I have continued to grow within the organisation, and I have now progressed into a Team Leader role.