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THE fire safety regulations 2022

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 are to be introduced as a way of implementing the recommendations following the Grenfell Tower Inquiry. These regulations are intended to come into force on 23 January 2023.

Items In Communal Areas

Communal areas of residential blocks contributes towards the overall fire safety of a building. These areas can prove detrimental to the fire safety of a building if they become congested.

Two Years On From The EWS1

The External Wall Fire Review process, commonly referred to as ‘EWS1’, evaluates external wall systems including cladding on multi-occupancy high-rise buildings and has been an important step towards fire safety.

Developers to fix cladding crisis

On Monday 10th January the government announced a change to their approach toward the cladding crisis by replacing the previously proposed loan scheme for affected 11m – 18m buildings.

Fire Risk Appraisal of External Walls

It seems that the issue of external wall cladding is never out of the media following the Grenfell Tower disaster. New to the table is a different type of assessment for external wall systems called FRAEW.

‘Polluter Pays’ Bill

The ‘Polluter Pays’ Bill is an initiative aimed at moving the often significant and costly remediation works that are arising from historic structural or fire safety issues away from innocent flat owners.