What we do to assist with your sale process?

The Sales & Transfers team provide:

A Sellers Pack with all the relevant information to complete a Property Sale
Answers to Solicitors’ questions following the purchase of a Sellers Pack
Receive and process the Post Completion documents from the Purchasers Solicitors

If a homeowner is selling a flat or house, has appointed a conveyancer and now has a potential buyer, the buyer’s conveyancing solicitors will require information about the property and its management.

Some of the questions can be easily answered by the resident. Others may be more of a complex nature relating to the block or estate as a whole or about conditions in your lease or covenants.

For the properties we manage, we can provide a Sellers Pack. This will provide answers and guidance on procedures for your conveyancing solicitors. A full list of the documents, if applicable, can be found below. This is charged at our industry standard fee.

Occasionally, once the Sellers Pack has been received, there may be further queries, which we will answer to the best of our knowledge with no extra charge!

We can provide up to date account statements throughout your sale, so that the conveyancing solicitors can apportion charges accordingly.

Once the sale has completed, the purchaser’s solicitors should provide us with our Post Completion documentation. If all is correct, we will then update our records and process the administration, if applicable.

If you are re-mortgaging your property, we can answer any relevant enquiries that relate to the block or estate as a whole, or about conditions in your lease or covenants.

Explore our collection of documents which will give you more information and detailed insights about our service. Please click below:

Here are some frequently asked questions that explains the sales purchase process:

How long will it take to get my sellers pack?

From the date of payment, we will send the pack within 10 working days to your nominated email address. This does not include bank holidays. This gives us enough time to liaise with other departments across the business to ensure all the information we provide is accurate.

What will be included in my pack?

Please review the documents above detailing what will be included in the seller’s pack.

Who should I contact with my sale enquiries?

Please contact our dedicated pre-sales enquiries team [email protected]

How much will my pack cost?

We must look at a few factors of the property before officially quoting. We will provide an official invoice upon receipt of your completed form/portal request.

Full leasehold packs cost:

Standard Delivery: £430.00 plus VAT £516.00
Express Delivery:  £580.00 plus VAT £696.00

Full freehold packs cost:

Standard Delivery: £275.00 plus VAT £330.00
Express Delivery: £370.00 plus VAT £444.00

If you have been a director for 2+ years then we offer a 50% discount.

Please ensure to contact the team before paying, so that we can provide you with a proper invoice and the correct bank details to pay into.

Can I get my pack expedited?

We offer an expedited pack service. Please review the options available when you are provided with the invoice.

What happens to my service charges whilst I am in the sale process?

Throughout the duration of the sale, it is essential that you continue to make payments towards the service charge and any other charges that are invoiced by our Accounts team. On completion of the sale, the subsequent assignment will not be acknowledged under any circumstances until the service charge accounts shows a £0.00 balance. This also includes the payment of all associated costs and charges. The reason for our proceeding on this basis is to prevent any liability passing on to the purchasers.

I have sold my property, what happens now?

The purchasers’ solicitors must provide us with the required post completion information, which is detailed within the sellers pack. If the purchasers’ solicitors do not provide us with all our requirements or the account is not on a £0.00 balance, this can then cause delays to us updating our records and actioning post completion administration.

I want to extend the terms of my lease, what are the steps?

Please contact [email protected].

I need to make a payment, where should I send it?

For administration fees we prefer bank transfer. Please contact the team to confirm the details and payment reference.

Administration fees and service charge fees are two separate bank accounts. Any invoices from us should include the appropriate bank account details. If unsure, please contact a member of the team.

I cannot locate my original share/membership certificate needed for my sale, what shall I do?

For share certificates, the seller will need to produce a J16a form and pay an administration fee. We can then issue the purchaser with a new share certificate upon receipt of our requirements, post completion.

For membership certificates, we do not require sight of the original certificate, therefore the purchasers would just need to complete an application for the membership form, alongside our other requirements,. We can then issue them with a new membership certificate.

I have sold my property but still receiving post?

Please alert your solicitors, so that they can prompt the buyers’ solicitors to get in contact with us, as soon as possible, so that we can investigate.


If you are selling, transferring equity or remortgaging your property: [email protected]

For post completion sales or post remortgages: [email protected]

If you are extending your lease or doing a Deed of Variation: [email protected]